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Does having sex mean I’ll fall in love?

People who are in love sometimes decide to have sex, but having sex will not guarantee that you or your partner will fall in love. So if you’re using sex to fall in love, or to get your partner to fall in love with you, you very well might be disappointed.

Sex means something different to everyone, and so does love. Sometimes having sex makes you feel like you’re in love, but it can be tricky. You think you’re in love because of the way a person makes you feel physically—not because of who that person is and what you give each other emotionally in everyday life. Being physically intimate with someone else can often cause you to feel vulnerable, which can be really exciting, but might also make you more open to getting your feelings hurt.
Couples who take their time to become friends before adding sexual behaviors to their relationship often become closer and more intimate on an emotional level, which can lead to more comfort on a sexual level.

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