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Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?

It’s possible, but not likely, and it really depends on the situation and the person.

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid is released when a guy gets an erection. Pre-ejaculatory fluid cleans out the inside of the urethra, which is the tube that carries semen and urine out of the penis. The fluid makes the urethra less acidic and gives sperm a better chance of surviving the trip through the urethra and into his partner’s vagina.

One scenario where a guy’s pre-cum could contain sperm is if there are live sperm inside a guy’s urethra (because he has ejaculated recently). The pre-cum can “pick up” the leftover sperm on its way through the urethra and out of the penis. If a guy pees after he ejaculates, that would kill leftover sperm. So, say a guy has sex and cums at 9 p.m. He doesn’t go to the bathroom after he has sex. At 10 p.m., he gets another erection and pre-cum fluid is released. That fluid can have live sperm in it. Is it enough sperm to get a girl pregnant? Possible, but not likely.

A recent study found that some guys always have sperm in their pre-ejaculatory fluid, and some guys never do. It really just depends on how that particular guy’s body works. It is impossible to tell (other than in a lab) who’s pre-cum has sperm in it or whose doesn’t. Again, it is enough sperm to get a girl pregnant? Possible, but not likely.

No matter what though, pre-cum can carry sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), so a guy should put on a condom as soon as he gets an erection.

For a pregnancy and/or STD test, emergency contraception or a reliable method of birth control, find a clinic near you or call 1-800-230-PLAN (7526) to be connected to the Planned Parenthood health center nearest you.

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