Ignorance Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

August 23, 2011

Castillo and her peers made a short film called “Sex in School: Does Ignorance Keep Us Safe?” to inform Boston high school students about sex ed and push for standardized comprehensive sexuality education in Boston Public Schools. The documentary premiered this past winter, but its spotlight on the lack of knowledge about sexual health among public school students might inspire you to head back to school this fall and change sex ed at your school. The film is funny, interesting and makes abundantly clear the importance of comprehensive sexuality education. Castillo works in the Health Career Ambassadors Program in Jamaica Plain, Boston, and partnered with Intercultural Productions to film, edit and produce the project.

Sex in the School: Does Ignorance Keep Us Safe?

“Sex in School” responds to the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among inner-city students in Boston—one in four high school students has an STD. The movie gives factual information, but keeps the statistics interesting and the overall tone light. It also addresses unplanned pregnancy, focusing on the most common (and less than ideal) ways students get their information about sex.

Castillo’s ultimate goal is to help improve the sexuality education curriculum of public schools in Boston, because ignorance doesn’t keep us safe. In fact, it leads to dangerous consequences in Boston and across the country.

Check out the trailer for “Sex in School: Does Ignorance Keep us Safe?” on their Facebook page. After seeing it, you may want to start the school year off by standing up for comprehensive sexuality education in your city or town.

—Meg Gibbon, 19, Contributor

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