iCondom App Puts Condoms on the Map

By , 18, Staff Writer
September 16, 2011

Apple’s App Store has a host of health apps, including a sexual health information app and NYC’s Free Condom app. Newest to the scene is the free iCondom app, which is a collaboration of MTV’s Staying Alive campaign and iCondom. The app allows you to upload the location of the nearest condom dispenser or retailer via GPS. As more people upload the location of condom dispensers or retailers, the iCondom app hopes to create the world’s largest condom distribution map.

Whether this app will help people practice safer sex or just be one more useless app remains to be seen. Although the app seems like a good idea in theory, one wonders how popular it will be since there seem to be similar apps out there. The app may prove to be a great help in those tricky situations when you are without a condom, don’t know the area very well and don’t have the time to go on a hunt for one.

You can support iCondom by adding new dispenser locations, which can be done directly from the app. Visit MyiCondom.com to download the app.

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