How Condoms Are Made

May 29, 2009

The latex condom is pretty amazing! It’s one of the only forms of birth control that can protect you from both pregnancy and STDs. And when used properly each and every time, condoms are up to 98 percent effective at keeping you safe! Check out this video to see how condoms are made and tested:

Did you see how big a condom can get when inflated? Some guys will give excuses for not wanting to wear a condom like they’re too tight or I don’t fit into condoms. But guys complaining about condoms are full of hot air! Any guy, no matter the size, can fit into that condom! And since condoms come in different sizes there’s no excuse for not wearing one during sex.

Condoms are thoroughly tested for strength and checked for any leaks. Even the tiniest hole will be detected during the testing process! So if a condom breaks during sex, more often than not, it’s because of human error. Here are a few common mistakes people make when using condoms:

  • The condom was expired. Condoms deteriorate over time, so never use an expired condom.
  • The wrapper was opened improperly. Never use your teeth to open a condom wrapper, since that could tear the condom.
  • The condom wasn’t put on properly. Make sure to follow the directions, since condoms will only be effective when put on properly.
  • The wrong lubrication was used. Always use a water-based lubricant, since other kinds of lubricants can break down latex.

Do you know how to properly put on a condom? Test your knowledge and play The Condom Game!

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