HelloFlo Brings Humor to Tampon Ads

By , 17, Contributor
August 16, 2013

The Camp Gyno” is a hilarious commercial posted on YouTube by the company HelloFlo, featuring a young girl who gets her first period at camp. Soon, she becomes go-to girl for other campers to learn about what she calls the “red badge of courage.” But she’s left without any business when care packages start to show up at the other campers’ doors from HelloFlo, a company that sends monthly care packages filled with tampons, sanitary pads and even snacks timed to a person’s menstrual cycle.

I enjoyed HelloFlo’s commercial. It was hilarious and realistic—especially when they showed a girl suffering from cramps. Although the video is an advertisement for a tampon delivery service, it’s no-nonsense about the topic of periods, which is refreshing. Many commercials about tampons and sanitary pads talk about periods in a roundabout way, using euphemisms, magic godmothers with wands and substitutes for blood, such as the infamous blue liquid. Whereas other companies may treat the subject of periods as something gross or secretive, HelloFlo’s commercial treats the subject with a sense of humor and some irreverence.

The idea of a tampon delivery service is interesting. It’s easy to forget when your period comes, and HelloFlo could be a great reminder. The commercial definitely makes me want to try it, but I’m not sure if HelloFlo will be successful in helping people be prepared for their periods. HelloFlo was created because the founder kept forgetting to carry tampons with her. Couldn’t someone have pads and tampons at home in their HelloFlo box and not have pads and tampons with them? I don’t know if it will help for the times when you’re out without a tampon, but I’m still willing to give HelloFlo a shot!


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