Halloween for Girls: Why Are Sexy Costumes the Only Option?

By , 17, Staff Writer
October 29, 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again: Halloween. Superstores start popping up out of nowhere, families start buying candy in bulk and the search for the perfect costume begins. But every year, I feel like costume choices for girls become more and more limited.

Recently, I visited the nearest Halloween Express with friends in search of realistic and fun costumes that would stand out. But, almost every costume had “sexy” in the name and followed the same basic formula of a short dress, skirt or shorts and a low-cut top. But for those less confident with their bodies—or who simply wish to wear a more unique outfit—there are hardly any options. However, there are tons of funny and realistic-looking costumes for guys. A guy can dress up as a cow or bull and actually look the part, but a girl has to be a sexy cow. Explain to me how that works. How can a cow be “sexy”?

Personally, I’ve decided to make a cute and believable costume to wear instead of a straight-up “sexy” one. But that doesn’t mean that people should be slut-shaming girls for wearing sexy Halloween costumes. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a sexy Halloween costume; on the contrary, it can be really fun! The problem is when “sexy” seems to be the only option for girls.

Whether your dream costume is a sexy vampire or a creepy one complete with fake blood and fangs, costume companies should start producing a wider variety of fun and interesting costumes so everyone can have the Halloween of their nightmares—I mean, dreams!

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