Guys Who Masturbate Are More Likely to Use Condoms

August 25, 2011

Guys are more likely to masturbate than girls, according to a recent review of teen data from a national survey on sexual health and behavior. Guys also reported masturbating more frequently than girls; about 50 percent of the guys in the survey said they masturbated at least twice a week, while only 23 percent of the girls reported to do the same.

None of these stats are surprising. After all, the media basically portrays masturbation among guys as part of being a teen, while female masturbation still remains taboo. I think that it is likely that girls masturbate as much as guys, but the stigma around female masturbation simply makes them too embarrassed to report that they have tried it. In any case, it’s important to realize that masturbation is a healthy part of growing up for both guys and girls and should never be regarded as dirty or unnatural, if it’s something you choose to do.

I was really shocked that the survey found that masturbation in boys was linked to increased condom use with a partner; interestingly enough, this link was not seen among girls. Perhaps guys who are comfortable with their bodies are more likely to think about practicing safer sex? If you have any ideas why guys who masturbate are more likely to use condoms, comment below and share your thoughts!

—Sam Dercon, 17, Staff Writer

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