Guys and Makeup

July 31, 2008

Lots of people think that makeup is only for girls, but that idea is slowly changing. Bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance aren’t the first to wear makeup, but their popularity with teens has inspired more guys than ever to be OK with makeup. Check out what Pete Wentz had to say about eyeliner—or what he calls “guyliner”—in this interview with People:


Pete raises a good point: Guys wearing eyeliner, or any makeup, is about pushing boundaries. It’s about not being afraid to express yourself. Sure, people might react negatively, but if a guy has decided to wear makeup, shouldn’t we respect his decision?

We asked our users what they think about guys wearing makeup, and overall, people think that it’s a matter of self-expression and personal taste. One user said it best:

“If you’re gonna wear makeup, you have to be comfortable with it and know that there will be people who will tease you for it. The key is to like it enough to not care what others think.”
—Midnight_Rose, 16, MA

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