Grandma—A Sex Ed Superstar

September 10, 2010

Susie WilsonYou have a burning question that you’re simply dying to ask. The only thing is it has to do with…sex. Normally, you’d go straight to your friends, but you’re afraid they’ll laugh at you because it’s kind of embarrassing. And your parents are too exhausted from work to talk about anything. Just when all hope seems lost, your grandma calls.

“Gran, I don’t feel like talking—”

Wait a second. This is your grandma—the one who always knows the right answers, never laughs at your questions and drops everything to make time for you. So why not ask her? When it comes to sexuality, we often overlook Gran and Pop as some of our most reliable and trustworthy sources of information. This Grandparents Day on September 12, don’t forget that your grandparents may be the adults you can talk with about sex. The truth is many of our grandparents are experts on the topic.

Just ask Susie Wilson, the founder of Answer, the organization which publishes Sex, Etc. Ms. Wilson celebrated her 80th birthday earlier this year. She is a true “sex ed heroine,” who has spent her whole life fighting for sexuality education programs that support young people in making better, informed decisions about their health. In fact, Ms. Wilson was involved in helping pass the New Jersey state mandate requiring family life education in all public schools. Through her groundbreaking work, Ms. Wilson has written many articles and appeared on television and radio shows, changing the lives of teenagers everywhere.

If I ever have a burning question, I know who I’ll be going to!

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