Google Chrome Shows Us That It Gets Better

June 16, 2011

The It Gets Better Project was started by Dan Savage and his partner, when they created a video assuring LGBTQ teens—who may be facing bullying and harassment or hiding their sexual orientation to avoid bullying and harassment—that life gets better. The It Gets Better Project got a lot of attention when it was started last fall, but it has been gaining even more attention since Google Chrome created an ad that highlights the project’s Web site,

The Google Chrome ad about the It Gets Better Project reveals just how powerful the Internet is. And when Google uses its considerable clout in the technology world to highlight a cause, this cause gets noticed. Since Google Chrome uploaded its ad to YouTube on May 2nd, the video has received over one million views (and that’s only on the official video) and within two days of this, the ad was featured on CBS News.

Admittedly the It Gets Better ad is beautiful and extremely moving, and a major corporation, like Google Chrome, using its marketing power to show how the Web can be used to offer support and encouragement to LGBTQ teens is commendable. But imagine using the Internet to not only reassure LGTBQ teens that they can live through the bullying, but to also create a world where everyone, including LGBTQ teens, are safe right now? The effect could be positively amazing.

—Taylor McCabe, 18, Contributor

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