“Get Lucky” With Daft Punk Condoms

By , 19, Staff Writer
July 26, 2013

Daft Punk’s latest hit is about getting lucky, and now it is being taken literally. Recently, Daft Punk’s label started handing out “Get Lucky” condoms, which feature the group on the package. The condoms are promotional items and are not available for sale in stores. Although there is a Durex condom inside of the promotional packaging, Durex has said that they are not partnering with Daft Punk in promoting the song “Get Lucky” with these promotional condoms.

But soon after an Instagram picture of the condom package was posted by the DJ Diplo, hundreds of fans commented, asking where they could get their own Daft Punk “Get Lucky” condoms. The response has generated a lot of publicity, and it seems like many people would be willing to stay up all night to get some with a “Get Lucky” condom.

All puns aside, it may not be such a bad idea for Daft Punk to start making its own official brand of condoms. After all, it is always good to promote safer sex and when it comes to getting lucky, it is better not to leave your health to luck.

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