Gay Friends Crowned Prom King and Queen

June 18, 2010

Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy HowardWith all the hype in the news about Constance McMillen’s cancelled prom because she requested to bring a same-sex date, it’s hard to feel hopeful about increasing acceptance of same-sex couples. However, there was a solid victory for all who support gay and lesbian people: Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy Howard, two gay best friends, who attend Hudson High School in Hudson, New York, were voted prom king and queen. Their victory was so overwhelming that there weren’t any runners-up announced. Hudson High School’s statement to a local newspaper gave its full support to the prom king and queen.

So, in a world where we have California’s Proposition 8 and schools that cancel prom to prevent same-sex couples from attending, it’s important to remember that something more than inequality is in the air: gay and lesbian people are gaining acceptance. Someday soon, no schools or states (or even countries) will try to prevent gay and lesbian people from having the relationships they want and living freely without the threat of harassment or violence.

Taylor McCabe, 17, Staff Writer


Posted In: LGBTQ

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