Galentine’s Day: More Than Romantic Love

By , 17, Staff Writer
February 14, 2017

Of the many commercial holidays celebrated year round, Valentine’s Day deserves a handwritten card for being the one that commemorates love, intimacy and passion. While many couples make dinner reservations or order flowers, the love we are celebrating is not reserved only for those in romantic relationships. Whether your closest loved one is your partner or friend, all intimate moments are valuable reminders of the support we give to one another.

Since 2010, women have been using February 13th to celebrate Galentine’s Day, a concept made up by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Groups of “gal pals” come together and celebrate friends (the other loves of your life) just before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day reminds us that intimacy is not necessarily physical or romantic; it’s an unapologetic, familiar comfort with someone else. Coming together, passionate about the happiness of someone close to us, can better connect us to our own understanding of what we value and cherish. From hugging your mom to smiling at a stranger, that moment of connection taps into the same feeling. Valentine’s Day is more or less an opportunity to give tokens of love to those we love. The pressure we put on ourselves to find romantic fulfillment, especially this time of year, can make it difficult to acknowledge the platonic loves in our life. Never devalue yourself by the types of relationships you have in your life. Champion them, because when talking about love and building strong relationships, every moment of intimacy, of connectivity, is meaningful.

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