Are You Being Played?

Sometimes you can be so unaware and vulnerable that you don’t even realize you’re letting a guy or girl take advantage of you. You’re being played. On the other hand, you could be the one “playing the field” and stringing along those guys or girls who don’t realize this is all just a game to you! Or maybe you know that being honest and communicating with your partner is what it takes to have a relationship where you both get what you want and need. Take these quizzes and add up the points to find out if you’re the player, being played or…just not into silly games.

When you met your boyfriend (BF) or girlfriend (GF), you gave him or her your number. He or she…
When you first had a crush on your GF or BF, you started off texting, video-chatting, Facebook-ing—the whole works. When you brought up not seeing other people…
You’re at a party with your BF or GF.
The prom is coming up. Your GF or BF…
You and your boo have been together for six months now. He or she keeps hinting about having sex, but you’re just not ready yet. When you tell your boo, he or she says…
When referring to you in front of people, your significant other usually calls you his or her…
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No Time for Games! It’s awesome that you’ve found a GF or BF who respects you! Your relationship with him or her is great, but don’t go too overboard spreading the love. You definitely don’t want to be that annoying couple who has ditched all their friends for their boo.
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Making Up the Rules! You’re still figuring out how you want your relationship to work. If your GF or BF does anything that makes you suspicious, or you worry that he or she might be playing you, don’t hesitate to talk to him or her about it. You shouldn’t be in a relationship where you’re worried or feel insecure.
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You’re Being Played! You’re not being treated well by your GF or BF. You deserve to be cared for and respected. There’s nothing healthy about being your partner’s doormat. Break it off and find someone who cares about you and will be honest.
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