The sex ed. pictures, videos, and links making us laugh out loud from all around the interwebs.

“As a graduating senior, I look back at my high school career and see that the reality was far different from my expectations. For one thing, it was nothing like High School Musical. But when it came down to relationships, it wasn’t quite what I anticipated, either.”

Having realistic expectations is important for all relationships, but it can be especially difficult when you’re in high school and having your first relationships!

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You should love yourself!

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“It’s great to have the support and guidance that comes with friendship. I know firsthand that these bonds can help shape your understanding of the world. Yet, while my friends have always been great companions, I, like many others, have also had to deal with peer pressure and a push to compete at times when it comes to sexual experimentation.”

Friendships are great support systems, but sometimes we need to make sure our friends don’t pressure us into doing things we don’t want to do. 

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