French Condom Pride

March 5, 2010

OK, let’s flash back to first grade: Thanksgiving comes around and you learn about the Pilgrims. As the years go on, you begin to understand the story better—the religious persecution, the first colonial towns, the Puritans. You look at these old Americans with a detached eye. After all, what’s past is past. Right?


Modern Americans are still very much a product of these Puritan ancestors. Just look at other, more liberal European countries to see the evidence. Sex tends to be a taboo for us—something to be whispered about behind closed doors. Europeans, on the other hand, fly giant condoms through the sky.

Yes, you read that right. In an attempt to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, the French have put a 120-foot, helium-filled condom on display in Paris. The giant condom, called Condomfière or Condom Pride, can carry three passengers and a pilot. It will be on display until it goes to the International AIDS conference in Vienna in June and then continues on a continental tour leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1, 2010.

Instead of hiding the potential consequences of sex or how to practice safer sex, which seems to be the American way, the French are flying it through their skies. Maybe their way is better or maybe not, but certainly a 120-foot condom floating above will be a sight to see.

—Taylor McCabe, 17, Staff Writer

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