Five Halloween Costumes that Scare Us

By , 18, Staff Writer
October 29, 2013

Face it: we live in a world where women are often sexualized. So it’s not a surprise that many costumes for women are made by putting the word “sexy” in front of the name of a normal costume. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy. Wanting to feel sexy is perfectly normal. However, it’s a problem when the only choices for girls are sexy costumes. Since Halloween is almost here, I think it’s time to unveil my list of the scariest (and most ridiculous) “sexy” costumes this year.

1. Sexy Bert and Ernie

This is just wrong on so many levels. It’s sexualizing characters that children look up to. Bert and Ernie will never be looked at the same again. Why can’t two girls just dress up as Bert and Ernie? Why must this be “sexy”?

2. Sexy Rooster

Yes, I get that people like to dress up as animals, but we don’t need to do it in a “sexy” way. If you want to dress up as a rooster, dress up as a rooster, not one studded in feathers in unusual places. Besides, it just looks odd.

3. Sexy Chinese Food

It really can’t get more sexual than this. With cleverly placed cutouts and the words “Enjoy” on the chest and “Thank you” on the crotch, this costume not only makes it sexy but also culturally insensitive.

4. Sexy Hamburger

OK, I like food, too, but just because I do, it doesn’t mean that I have to wear it. Hamburgers don’t really evoke “sexy,” either. Next time, please leave the food on the plate.

5. Sexy Angry Bird

This costume reminds me of a dancer at Carnival in Brazil. Besides being ridiculous, honestly, she looks more like one of Santa’s helpers than an angry bird.

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