What #FelonCrushFriday Can Teach Us About Relationships

By , 15, Staff Writer
September 12, 2014

Triceps, biceps, breasts, butts, legs and, most importantly, the face. Are these the characteristics that matter? When looking at someone for the first time, chances are you don’t notice their personality. Instead, you pay attention to their features, because those are things you can see. When my friends and I are looking at an attractive guy at the mall or at school we don’t say, “Oh, his personality is lovely.” It would be a bit strange if we did. What we do say instead is, “Oh, he’s so hot!” or “Look at those muscles.”

It’s normal for our first impression of someone to be influenced by their features, but is it possible to overlook a bad personality when dealing with an attractive person? I’ve noticed #FelonCrushFriday trending on multiple social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Some teens have begun to tweet and post pictures of good-looking criminals, either begging for their release or professing their love. It might sound funny, but it really isn’t.

Personally, I would never overlook the fact that a man raped or murdered someone just because he had nice eyes or a fit body. Some teens may end up prioritizing a person’s looks over the ability to be a good partner; and because a person is attractive, some teens may overlook the bad things the person has done, which is sad and concerning. Rather than being fixated on how someone looks, we should get to know him or her better, then make decisions based upon what we learn from personality traits and interests. In my opinion, it’s a much better way to find a partner.

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