Face Your Fears: Getting Tested for HIV

By , 17, Community Healthcare Network, Teens P.A.C.T. Peer Leader
March 30, 2012

As a teenager, we are confronted with fears everyday—asking someone out, trying out for a sports team or even getting tested for HIV. Face Your Fears examines these fears and empowers teens to take charge, specifically when it comes to fears about getting tested for HIV. Young people account for about 13 percent of people who get a new diagnosis of HIV or AIDS each year.

Top Three Reasons to Get Tested for HIV:

  1. Early treatment means a healthier, longer life.
  2. Knowing your status protects you AND your partner(s).
  3. Knowing your status (positive or negative) allows you to make good decisions about sex, about your health and about your lifestyle.

Are you a teen in New York City? Visit Community Healthcare Network’s Web site to get more info about getting tested at one of their clinics.

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