@EW Looks at Gay Teens on TV

By , 18, Staff Writer
February 14, 2011

Entertainment Weekly—Gay Teens on TVEntertainment Weekly recently featured an article on how gay teens are suddenly “popping up” in major roles on national television. From Degrassi’s Riley to Glee’s dream partnership, Kurt and Blaine, many shows have included openly gay characters holding hands, hugging and kissing. TV shows portraying openly gay characters may seem controversial to some people, but Sex, Etc. is more interested in whether teens in high-profile television roles will have any impact on gay teens’ experiences in school.

Do these shows accurately portray what it’s really like being a gay teen in high school? How does the spotlight on gay teens in these shows affect teens? Will gay teens be more accepted in their schools? Will seeing gay teens on TV eventually reduce homophobic bullying?

Tell us what you think, and share how or if these shows have affected your high school experience.

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