Dollar Rubber Club: Cheap Condoms by Mail

By , 19, Staff Writer
July 25, 2012

Ever hear of the Dollar Rubber Club? Well, let’s just say it will save a lot of people the agony of having to go to the store and buy condoms in public.

How, you ask? After becoming a member of the Dollar Rubber Club, condoms are delivered via mail to your home in special packaging once a month. The cost ranges from $1 for three condoms per month to $10 for 12 condoms per month.

The Dollar Rubber Club is a clever way to make buying condoms a bit less awkward. I happen to think that this business will be quite profitable. Some people hate having to go to the store to buy condoms. Not only is online ordering convenient, but some people—especially teens—feel they are judged when buying condoms in a store. With the Dollar Rubber Club, you can avoid all of this by having condoms shipped discreetly to your front door. No one will know about it except you and your partner.

Now while this may be a unique idea, it is important to realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply buying condoms at the store. Why is it so uncomfortable and embarrassing for some? People who buy condoms are practicing safer sex, and there shouldn’t be anything humiliating about that. But, in our society, sex is too often thought of as something filthy and wrong. This idea causes people to feel shame about engaging in sexual behaviors—which means they may feel embarrassed about buying condoms in a store. However, sex is a normal part of life. If sex were accepted as a natural part of life and people felt more comfortable buying condoms from a pharmacy, maybe we wouldn’t need a Dollar Rubber Club.

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