Do You Know the Man in the Mirror?

By , 17, Staff Writer
March 30, 2012

Scenarios USA, an organization that uses writing and film to engage young people, asked students, “What’s the real deal about masculinity?” In response to that question, teen Treviny Marie Colon wrote the script for the short film Man in the Mirror. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher and is being featured in the first-ever PBS Online Film Festival.

In the film, the main character, Jason, is a Puerto Rican high school student. He’s popular—an “All-American guy,” according to descriptions of the film. Although Jason is in the spotlight, he’s also questioning his sexual orientation and who he really is. Will his friend’s violent homophobia keep him in the closet? How far will he go to prove he’s just “one of the guys”? Treviny’s film takes a look at what it is to “be a man” and how too often being a man gets defined as being homophobic.

Visit PBS’s Online Film Festival. Watch the short films and vote today!

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