Dating a Vampire Sucks: Breaking Dawn Breaks Healthy Relationship Rules

By , 17, Staff Writer
November 30, 2011

I’ve started losing interest in Twilight fandom, and it’s all because of the long awaited marriage and sex scene between Edward and Bella in the latest film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

In the books and movie, Bella wants more physical intimacy with Edward, but he says they must marry first. So what does Bella do? She rushes too quickly into marriage—a very serious thing—because that’s the only way Edward will have sex with her. Her only concern seems to be what will make Edward happy—not a good message to send to the fans. It’s frustrating that Bella’s character is portrayed as so dependent on Edward. He spies on Bella while she sleeps, dictates her choice of friends and encourages her to trick her father, among other questionable actions that make Edward a creep and not a healthy choice for a boyfriend or husband. But will girls and guys believe having a controlling and possessive partner means your partner “loves” you, because they see Bella and Edward’s relationship portrayed as “romantic”?

And what about sex? The sex scene wasn’t described in detail in the book or movie. But the aftermath was shown with the breaking of a headboard and Bella’s body covered in bruises. (Edward can’t control his superhuman strength during sex with a mere human. This makes me wonder: Does this leave people thinking a partner really desires you if he or she hurts you during sex?) While Edward is disgusted with himself because he has bruised Bella, she is happy they have finally had sex. One moment Bella and Edward are in total bliss, and the next they’re both upset. Communication before, during and after sex might have helped avoid some of the misunderstanding.

At first I thought the Twilight storyline was cute, and of course, I daydreamed about how lovely a vampire boyfriend would be, but when I actually thought about what Bella and Edward’s relationship is like, I really lost interest. (But Team Jacob all the way!)

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