Condoms for All Olympians

By , 16, Staff Writer
August 16, 2012

When the London Olympics began, over 10,000 of the world’s greatest athletes came together to compete. All of these athletes then lived in the Olympic Village with their fellow teammates and other athletes from around the world. Generally, we’d think that many of these athletes would be focused on training and perfecting their skills in order to win a gold medal. This of course is true, but all the practice and dedication doesn’t take away the sexual needs that they have as humans.

It’s no surprise then that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the London organizers provided a record 150,000 condoms to those living in the Olympic Village. This may seem like a ridiculous number of condoms to give out, but it’s absolutely necessary. When you do the math, each athlete got about 15 condoms. The most important thing is that these athletes can practice safer sex and avoid putting themselves at risk for sexually transmitted diseases or an unplanned pregnancy. Who can blame the IOC for handing out of free condoms and making it that much easier for Olympic athletes to practice safe sex?

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