Community Rules

Respect each other. It can mean many things, but here on Sex, Etc. respect means not insulting, attacking or sexually harassing other members. If your message violates this rule, it will not be posted.

No personal information. Please do not try to post your real name, e-mail address, phone number, address or any other identifying features. This rule is meant to protect our members.

No soliciting. We will not post any messages that attempt to sell a product or service. Also, we are not a dating service. Please do not attempt to use the forums to date or hook up with people.

No abusive language. We do not allow racist, sexist, pornographic or just plain hateful material to be posted. Please self-censure and write your thoughts in a respectful way.

How we will use your email address. In the event that Sex, Etc. decides not to publish a question that you submitted to the Forums, you will receive an email response to your question instead. The email will come from

Please read and understand Sex, Etc.’s Terms of Use. We value your voice and your words, and there are times when we will publish your words in our own materials. Also, we are not medical experts. The information contained within the Sex, Etc. Web site does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. These rights are outlined in the Terms of Use.

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