I’m an LGBTQ ally.

November 19, 2012

Something has been bugging me for a while. I’ve noticed that you’ve been using the phrase “That’s so gay” a lot and making fun of transpeople. It really makes me uncomfortable/angry when you say things like that. What you’re saying is hurtful and insulting to them. But it’s also hurtful to me, because there are lesbian, gay and transpeople that I care about.

When you call things “gay” that you really mean are “stupid” or “dumb” or you make fun of people who are transgender, it’s like you are saying that people who are LGBTQ are stupid or dumb. It’s homophobic and transphobic, and I need you to stop.

If you really do think that people who are LGBTQ are stupid or dumb, then, well, maybe we need to rethink this relationship.


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