Come Out for LGBT Equality

October 8, 2010

The day for coming out is coming up! National Coming Out Day, held every October 11th, is sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), an organization that works to achieve equal rights for the LGBT community. On this day, members of the LGBT community are encouraged to live openly, and their heterosexual supporters can show their commitment to equal rights for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, by spreading the word about equality for LGBT people.

HRC National Coming Out Day

The message of “Equality” couldn’t be more timely in light of the recent teenage suicides that have occurred due to anti-gay harassment and bullying. Participating in National Coming Out Day presents a great opportunity to support anyone who identifies as LGBT, so that one day no one is abused or has to feel humiliated for who they love.

How can you come out for LGBT equality? Check out the Human Rights Campaign Web site for a list of different ways to participate! Use HRC’s Coming Out for Equality Facebook app to show your support. You can also test your knowledge of LGBT rights and find out your equality IQ. Participating does not mean you have to come out, just showing your support is enough!

—Luke Morgan, 17, Staff Writer

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