Chris Brown Hits Rihanna: Should She Stay or Go?

February 13, 2009

Chris Brown & RihannaBy now you may have heard that 19-year-old R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend, fellow R&B star Rihanna. Details about what led up to the attack are still uncertain. But what we do know is that dating violence, no matter the circumstances, is never cool.

Various media reports note that Chris Brown grew up in an abusive household, and that his alleged attack is linked to his family history of violence. But that doesn’t excuse using violence to solve problems in a relationship.

What do you think Rihanna should do? Should Rihanna leave Chris Brown? Or do you think the couple should work things out? Go to the Forums, take the poll and tell us what you think Rihanna should do if Chris Brown hit her.

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