CDC Wants Male Teens to Know Benefits of Circumcision

By , 19, Contributor
January 28, 2015

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) drafted a recommendation that uncircumcised teen males and their parents be counseled on the benefits of circumcision. For many, this possible recommendation may be irrelevant considering most males are circumcised as infants soon after being born in the U.S., however, there are still many who are not circumcised.

Some studies have found that there may be health benefits that come with circumcision. Circumcision is when the foreskin is removed from the head of the penis. This can help reduce the risk of the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other infections by preventing bacteria or viruses from getting trapped under the foreskin, which can increase the risk of transmission via the urethra.

Of course, this procedure does not eliminate the risk of contracting an STD, and teens should still practice safer sex, including using a condom. Condoms are a much better way to prevent the transmission of STDs than circumcision and are highly effective. Many people choose to remain uncircumcised their whole lives, and that is perfectly fine. It’s totally normal to be circumcised and it’s totally normal not to be circumcised.  It’s difficult for teens not to feel like there is only one way for their bodies to be, but, the most important thing is to be informed and confident in the choices you make about your health and body.

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