BuzzFeed’s “If Men Were Women on Halloween”

By , 17, Staff Writer
October 27, 2014

What would happen if boys got to experience what it’s like to be a girl? What if they got to understand how girls are objectified in almost everything they do? Well, the people at BuzzFeed decided to point this out in one of their new Halloween-themed videos, “If Men Were Women on Halloween.”

When the guys in the video go to buy Halloween costumes, there are only sexy versions of everything. One of the guys actually says, “What if I don’t want to be a sexy fireman? What if I want to be a regular fireman?” But that costume choice doesn’t exist. This part of the video is probably my favorite because the costume choices for girls or—rather the lack thereof—is one of the number one reasons I no longer dress up for Halloween.

When the guys in the video get dressed for Halloween, one guy comes out dressed as a sexy football player and another is dressed as sexy Batman. The third guy, who didn’t want to be a sexy fireman, comes out dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, pants and a Bigfoot mask. The other guys think this costume is unacceptable and change his outfit so that he is “sexy schoolboy,” because “Everyone loves sexy schoolboys.” But this just isn’t true; not everyone loves or wants to be sexy versions of things. Wanting to be the sexy version isn’t a problem. People should feel comfortable in whatever they wear. The problem arises when the sexy version is the only version available. There should be options that allow everyone to express themselves freely.

The guys go to a Halloween party where girls whistle at them and say things like “Hot stuff coming through.” One girl gets too touchy feely with the sexy schoolboy, and when his friends see this, they decide to call it a night. As all three leave the party, a girl yells, “He’s dressed as a sexy schoolboy. Why wouldn’t he wanna get with me?” This part speaks to me because it is such a common occurrence. Boys think that a girl dressed in a certain outfit means she wants sexual advances or attention. A person’s outfit is never an invitation for unwanted sexual advances or attention.

This video hits on many points about what it’s like to be a girl on Halloween. I love that BuzzFeed shared a new perspective on this old issue.

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