Britney’s New Girl Power Anthem?

October 17, 2008

Britney Spears’ latest single, “Womanizer,” has been getting a lot of play on radio and MTV. The song isn’t groundbreaking. It has a lot in common with many of the music videos you see today—a woman using her body and sex for attention or power.

Britney Spears

What’s interesting is that some people are calling “Womanizer” a girl power anthem. When you see the “Womanizer” music video, do you think of girl power?

Check out Wikipedia’s 10 Golden Rules of Girl Power:

  1. Be positive.
  2. Be strong.
  3. Don’t let anyone put you down.
  4. Be in control of your own life and your destiny.
  5. Support your girl friends.
  6. Let your girl friends support you, too.
  7. Say what’s on your mind.
  8. Approach life with attitude.
  9. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can never do something because you’re a girl.
  10. Have fun.

Does “Womanizer” make you feel empowered? Or does it tell girls that all they have to offer—the only thing that makes them valuable—is their bodies and sex?

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