Boy Scouts Open to Gay Boys & Teens But Not Adults

By , 17, Contributor
June 26, 2013

You may have heard the news about the Boy Scouts of America deciding to allow boys and teen guys who identify as gay to join their organization. While this is a step in the right direction, it’s still not OK that the Boy Scouts of America have not removed their long-standing ban against LGBTQ leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America has said that now everyone can join regardless of sexual orientation, but this is obviously not true. How can “everyone join” if LGBTQ troop leaders aren’t allowed in? It doesn’t make sense that the Boy Scouts encourages boys to grow into confident young men, but these same young men that they nurture and foster aren’t allowed to give back to the Boy Scouts if they are gay. It’s disheartening that gay Boy Scouts cannot play a role in the organization when they become adults.

Being a gay person who is attracted to people of the same sex does not mean you’re a predator out to hurt children. Boy Scouts has claimed that they don’t make any connection between child molestation and sexual orientation, however, if this is the case, why do they still have a ban on LGBTQ adults as scout leaders then?

I applaud Boy Scouts for finally opening their doors to boys and teens who are gay, but the fact that they’re still barring LGBTQ adults from participating because of their sexual orientation is ridiculous. I hope Boy Scouts will change their policy to truly allow everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or age, to join.

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