Boy Expresses Gender With Support of Father

By , 16, Staff Writer
October 15, 2012

For many teens, true self-expression can be a challenge. It’s also difficult to stand up for someone who is criticized for expressing themselves. We take a look around and we see harsh criticism and unnecessary hate when people express themselves in a way that’s different. Amidst this negativity, there are still people who make a difference by standing up and speaking out. Some even make an impact just by dressing up.

Nils Pickert, a father in Germany, was recently photographed walking through his town with his five-year-old son. At first glance, what jumps out is their choice of attire. His son is wearing a bright, red summer dress, and Nils, sporting a similar outfit, is wearing a long, red skirt. As reported in Emma magazine, Nils’ son has always loved dressing up and putting on nail polish—things that society considers to be strictly for girls only.

It is not uncommon for young children to be gender non-conforming, or interested in exploring things outside of their traditional gender roles. However, due partially to sexism and to transphobia, people get upset when others don’t stick to traditional gender roles, and oftentimes, it leads to hatred and bullying. Nils’ son was frequently mocked for wearing dresses, especially after moving to a small, religious town.

The photograph of Nils and his son has inspired so many people, children and parents alike, to be more accepting of those who are gender non-conforming. It can be hard to express yourself the way Nils’ son does so bravely, but with a little support, anyone can face the world and reveal who they truly are.

Photo via Emma

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