Blame It on the Lyrics

August 14, 2009

Jamie Foxx, What does it take to get the girl? In his hit single, “Blame It,” Jamie Foxx (featuring T-Pain) pays tribute to one method of hooking up, involving nothing but a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

“Blame It” is all about throwing away your cares and lowering your inhibitions—all for the sake of sex. Assuming that the woman wants a hookup, Foxx counters her hesitation with a list of drinks she could always blame her actions on the next morning. The alcohol and its effects (“feeling loose,” “feeling dizzy”) become the excuses to engage in risky behavior. If anything goes wrong, just blame it on the alcohol.

But what if you want more than drunken sex? Maybe you want the power to make your own responsible decisions without being influenced by alcohol or by those offering you another cup while “feeling on your butt.” While responsibility may not have a place in the glamorous picture these lyrics paint, responsibility has everything to do with the pleasure of making safe, sober sexual decisions—ones that won’t leave you with regret and a hangover.

Anita Modi, 17, Staff Writer

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