Birth Control Options for Guys?

September 2, 2009

Birth Control Options for Guys?

The Pill. NuvaRing. Diaphragm. Depo-Provera. The Patch. What do all of these birth control methods have in common? Well, they are all methods that young women—who are partnered with guys—can choose to use to prevent pregnancy. But what about the guys? What options do guys have to prevent pregnancy?

Condoms or…vasectomy? For those guys who want to keep the option to have children in the future, a vasectomy is likely not a good option. That leaves condoms as the only reversible birth control method that guys can use for themselves to prevent pregnancy. Condoms have the bonus of also being highly effective at preventing most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but some researchers are interested in finding additional contraceptive choices for guys to use, just as young women have multiple contraceptive options.

Guys, if a “male pill” were developed, do you think that you would use it? How do those of you in relationships discuss and choose methods of contraception? And what about protection from STDs? How might male-female relationships change if guys had more options for taking an active role in pregnancy prevention? Join us in the Forums to discuss these questions, along with other issues that affect teens’ sexual health.

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