Being Prepared for Prom Night Pressure

By , 17, Staff Writer
June 3, 2013

After months of planning, it’s finally here: Prom! You and your date are dressed to impress and look amazing. You two are ready to dance all night and have a great time, but is dancing the only thing you will do? Some people at my school have been stressing about “doing it” on prom night, while I’ve been stressing about whether my dress matches my shoes and if my shoes matched my make-up. I’ve had what seemed like a million other things on my mind, when would I find the time to think about sex? I never realized that this was something that people actually would worry about.

So many teens feel the pressure to have sex on prom night because it seems like everyone is planning on having sex and because in the movies prom night is all about sex. But, the truth is not everyone is thinking about or planning to have sex on prom night. If you feel pressured to have sex on your prom night, remember you don’t have to. It is ultimately you and your date’s decision.

But what if you and your date have decided to have sex on prom night? You’ll need more than a condom and/or other type of birth control in your wallet or clutch. Although safer sex methods and birth control are important, knowing how to use a condom is just as important as renting your tux. You should also talk to your partner about it first. Don’t assume that he or she will be all for the idea just because it’s prom night. Just be honest, and tell your partner exactly what you’re feeling.

Even if you don’t plan to have sex on prom night, you should be looking forward to having an awesome night with your friends that you will probably talk and laugh about 10 years from now. Look forward to dancing all night until your feet hurt!

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