Back to School: Checking the Boxes

By , 16, Staff Writer
September 5, 2019

Could summer have gone by any quicker?

Yep, it’s time to go back to school, and we all know what that means: shopping for books and clothes, signing up for courses and making sure that all of the boxes are checked before that first bell rings on the first day. We all want to make sure that everything is in order; we know how exciting (and nerve-racking) back-to-school time can be.

But as you head back to school just remember that when it comes to relationships, coming out and exploring sexual orientation or gender identity (whatever it may be), nothing has to be “in order” and no boxes have to be checked. Heading back to school is a wonderful opportunity to check in with yourself (see what I did there?).

Is this the year when you start a new relationship? Have your first kiss? Are you ready to think more about how you identify in terms of sexual orientation or whether it’s the right time to come out? Going back to school can be a perfect time to explore these possibilities. What’s even better is that you’re not alone when it comes to this exploration. There are classmates, teachers, counselors and even clubs that can support you. It’s important to find people you feel like you can trust.

And again, remember: nothing has to be certain. While parents and teachers may be advising you to identify the colleges you’re applying to or the courses you’re taking, nothing has to be a clear-cut decision when it comes to how you identify or what you’re ready and not ready for. So try not to be flustered if you see people around you who seem to have their lives in order. You’re just fine. You can take your time, and use the beginning of the school year to think about yourself and what makes you tick!

Reading sexual health stories on from teens just like you might help you figure out what’s right for you.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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