Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Vivian Welch (she/her)

Vibrant Vivian (she/her), 17, is enjoying writing for Sex, Etc. for the third year! Vivian is always searching to answer questions about things that can be considered taboo. Outside of Vivian’s contributions as a teen staff member, she’s a talented musician. From playing trumpet in the Lincoln Center High School Jazz Academy to teaching herself guitar during quarantine, Vivian has a bright future as a singer-songwriter-musician! When she’s not writing or playing music, Vivian can be found playing frisbee as the captain of her Ultimate Frisbee team or working with children as a tutor, babysitter and trumpet teacher. “I run around in some imaginary world and get paid for it!” says Vivian when asked what she likes about working with kids. This year, Vivian is interested in writing about bisexuality, sensuality and healthy relationships. Vivian isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do in the future but whatever she does, she wants it to have a large, positive impact on the world.

—Sofia Garcia, 16, Staff Writer

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