Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Sydney Hollins-Holloway

At the age of 16, Sydney Hollins-Holloway is busy. Between homework, her job, a load of extracurricular clubs and sports (including cheerleading, track and field, bowling and gymnastics), her schedule is full. On top of being a high achiever, Sydney is hard-working, intelligent, creative and—as she will tell you—a perfectionist. When Sydney is not in school or at her clubs, she loves to pass the time by singing, playing the guitar, reading and writing. She writes for Sex, Etc. because she wants to learn more about teen sexual health and share what she learns. Sydney believes that sex education is important because it helps teens make important relationship decisions. Also, she is hoping to gain more experience as a writer so she can pursue her dream job of being an author.

Nathan Lam, 15, Staff Writer

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