Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Svanik Shirodkar

Now in his third year at Sex, Etc., Svanik, 17, first learned about the magazine through a friend who used to be a staff member. Svanik joined Sex, Etc. because he’d always had a passion for writing and being on the teen staff allowed him to write pieces that would be seen by thousands of people. A few other facts about Svanik: he is the District Webmaster for the New Jersey District of Key Club International. He loves pasta: “It’s a quick, easy bite.” When he’s not eating pasta, you might find him engrossed in any of the books in the Harry Potter series. In terms of Hogwarts house, Svanik says he used to be a Hufflepuff, but now he’s more of a Ravenclaw. In addition to the language of the wizarding world, Svanik can understand Hindi and is also fluent in Marathi.

—Mayuna Tomita, 17, Staff Writer

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