Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

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Svanik Shirodkar

Svanik Shirodkar, 16, is creative, logical and enjoys listening to music because it boosts his productivity. He enters his second year of writing for Sex, Etc. with the desire to provide comprehensive sexuality education to teens across the country, especially those who have received neither proper education nor answers to their questions in school. He also wishes to dedicate time to machine learning, a field of computer science. The depth of Svanik’s thinking is clear in his choice of a preferred dinner guest—Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Russian 19th-century writer of novels rich with psychological themes. (Given the choice of a fictional universe, however, Svanik would conjure himself into the world of Harry Potter.) And if he were a food, he would be pasta! In the future, where can the guy with such a great noodle be found? Perhaps Luxembourg, Svanik’s ideal vacation spot.

—Naomi Akiyama, 15, Staff Writer

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