Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Sarah Emily Baum

Sarah Emily Baum, 17, of Marlboro, NJ, loves writing for Sex, Etc., so she can share reliable and accessible sexual health information with other teens. She feels young people should always have a voice regarding their sexual health. She is most excited about being the voice she wishes she had heard when she was younger. Sarah’s writing has previously been published online in Women’s eNews, ADDitude and iGeneration Youth. In her free time, she participates in the Junior State of America, the United States’ largest student-run debate organization, as well as volunteering at a hospice for elderly and disabled pigs! Sarah is also president of her school’s Equality Alliance and is a huge LGBTQ advocate. A fun fact about Sarah is that her favorite food is vegan bacon! In the future, Sarah would like to be a journalist for The New York Times.

—Libby Atkins, 17, Staff Writer

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