Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Ryan Fowler

Ryan, 16, is continuing the Fowler legacy at Sex, Etc. After his sister Ashley served as a staff writer, he knew that he had to speak up and share his perspective. As a hockey player and competitive surfer, Ryan feels like he has the inside scoop on “locker room talk.” He has seen upperclassmen bragging about what they have “done” with girls and trying to influence younger guys to believe it is okay to talk about girls this way and treat them like objects, which it is obliviously not. “I thought this would be an important thing to talk about at Sex, Etc.” Ryan’s two role models are Kanye West (“Shakespeare in the flesh”) and Troy Bolton (but “Not actually Zac Efron”) from High School Musical. Ryan doesn’t know what he wants to do yet in the future (“Maybe something ‘Englishy’”), but he’s ready to make a big impact here at Sex, Etc.

—Isabella Gonzalez, 18, Staff Writer

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