Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Parth Thakkar

Parth, 16, is a junior at Rutgers Preparatory School (also known as Rutgers Prep). An aspiring lawyer, he says he was lucky to have a very well-rounded, inclusive sex ed experience. This led to him joining Sex, Etc. after a recommendation from his health teacher. Now in his second year writing for Sex, Etc., Parth hopes to further open up the conversation about sex and sexuality and make information about sexual health more accessible to young people. You can find his work in different issues of the magazine, whether he’s gathered quotes from teens around the country or written the Sex 411 column. In his free time, he’s often busy on the baseball field or helping his younger peers learn how to play the clarinet and percussion. On his days off, he enjoys sleeping in and relaxing with some Netflix and his favorite food—a PB&J sandwich.

—Mack Toth, 16, Staff Writer

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