Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Jessie Choucrallah

Introducing the Sex, Etc. staff member with the most fabulous eyebrows: Jessie! Seventeen-year-old Jessie Choucrallah of New Brunswick, NJ is sweet, accepting and really smart. In addition to her work at Sex, Etc., Jessie is interested in coding and making websites. Just this past summer, she completed an internship at Amazon in New York City. A lover of mushroom pizza and hater of heights (aren’t we all?), Jessie brings her own perspectives to the table and enjoys writing for Sex, Etc. about LGBTQ issues, current events related to sexuality and sexual health and addressing those questions about sex that she and other teens might be wondering about. Fun fact: look out for Jessie’s eyebrow mentions on the “Editorial Staff & Contributors” page in each issue of the magazine!

—Isabella Yurman, 15, Staff Writer

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