Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Isabella Yurman

Isabella Yurman, a bubbly yet introverted 15-year-old from Livingston, NJ, is all about the arts. Known as “Bells” by her friends, Isabella has a passion for drawing, music and writing. She joined the Sex, Etc. teen staff because she wants to write about different sexual orientations. For example, she’d love to write about the different ways in which people come out. She feels this is important to discuss because people should know that they aren’t alone and that they can get through it. Isabella has a fear of spiders and drowning (I strongly relate!). She also has a dream of majoring in music theory and composition in the future. When asked which quote she feels describes her best, Isabella says, “I’m as straight as my curly hair.”

—Jessie Choucrallah, 17, Staff Writer

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