Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

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Grace Wampold

Grace, 17, radiates positivity, understanding and warmth, which makes her so easy to talk to. She describes herself as “quirky, a little awkward, initially introverted, composed, energetic and sometimes losing my mind.” Grace joined the Sex, Etc. staff with the hopes of writing articles on intersectionality, meaning the connections between “social categorizations such as race, class and gender” and sexual health. Aside from her writing, she focuses on living a self-sustaining life where she is always aware of the ethical repercussions of her actions, which is why Grace doesn’t buy new clothes and only wears used garments. She aspires to get a degree in zoology and eventually build her very own house on the West Coast. A lover of alternative music, she listens to bands such as The Moldy Peaches and artists like Kimya Dawson and Kendrick Lamar.

—Shelsea Rodriguez, 17, Staff Writer

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