Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Emma Ogando

Seventeen-year-old Emma Ogando came to Sex, Etc. to open up more conversation about sex and help remove the culture of shame around it. She’s excited to help provide reliable, accurate information about sex because she knows that many, like her, have not had regular access to this. When she is not writing for Sex, Etc., you might find Emma watching her favorite movie Se7en, reading, shopping, hanging out with friends or even skiing down a double black diamond! If Emma could be anybody in the world for a day, she would want to be a stranger from a different country, so she could see what everyday life is like somewhere else. While she’s still here however, Emma is impressing us all by being fluent in Japanese and doing her best to change the world through Sex, Etc.

 —Jack McNeilly, 17, Staff Writer

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