Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Carley Campbell

Carley, 17, may be one of the quieter members of the Sex, Etc. bunch, but she has a vibrant personality! Her role model is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 85-year-old Supreme Court justice with a strong stance on reproductive rights that Carley admires. When asked what her favorite TV show is, she’s quick to respond, “Parks and Rec.” Carley sees herself as the character Andy Dwyer because they’re both “fun-loving couch potatoes.” She chose to write for Sex, Etc. after her mother—a health teacher—sent her an email about applying to write for the publication. Carley immediately replied, “YES, PLEASE!!” She thought this was an amazing opportunity because her school didn’t provide an adequate sex education. She’s excited for her second year on the staff and all of the pieces she’s going to write!

—Ellie Alpizar, 17, Staff Writer

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