Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

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Ashley Fowler

Ashley Fowler—a passionate and hard-working 17-year-old from Marlton, NJ—dreams of becoming a writer. Ashley strongly believes in the importance of comprehensive sexuality education, which they don’t offer at her school. Ashley’s main goal in writing for Sex, Etc. is to help teens who also may not have access to comprehensive sex ed. When she isn’t writing, Ashley works at TeenLine, a confidential phone help-line where she has been trained to counsel teens in crisis. Her hobbies include playing piano (preferably Impressionists like Debussy) and listening to classical music. In fact, after falling in love with the music of Russian composer Tchaikovsky, Ashley was inspired to learn Russian! Despite being so ambitious and hopeful, Ashley still has a fear of not making a difference. She wants to leave something behind, especially with her writing.

—Jessie Choucrallah, 16, Staff Writer

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